Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disco Blogger Has His Panties In A Bunch ! Mirrored Disco Balls Get Chafed!

It all started with the almost infamous The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame, or the Crock and Faux Hall of Disco Soul and Rap post from August 22. A fellow blogger named Tom Lame, who somehow believes he has a lock on all things musical, took exception to the fact that I do not believe that disco bands and rappers should be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that great bands and performers of R&B and soul music should be inducted in the Early Influences category, and not the Performers category, because they definitely shaped certain aspects of rock-and-roll, but they were neither rock-and-roll performers by definition, nor did they ever consider themselves rock-and-roll performers.

In fact, the inane RRHOF voters have half the blues performers in the Early Influences category (such as Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon) and the other half under the Performers category (like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker and Buddy Guy). Which is it, RRHOF? Or have you, like Tom Lame, gotten your musical genres so crossed, you don't even know what blues is? No need to answer, I was being rhetorical.

Now, I don't know this Tom Lame fellow from Adam, nor was I even aware that there were still disco fans proudly clad in powder-blue polyester and two-tone platform heels, but I must say he needs to expand his limited vocabulary. He has labeled my article numerous variants of ignorant. Let's see, he's used the words or phrases "dumb", "a classic of ignorance", "stupidity","joker", "vacuous", "Clueless", "Stupidest", "Dumbest", "Irrelevant", and also "Mind-boggling idiocy" to maintain his redundancy.

If you'd like, Tom, I can direct you to an online thesaurus so that you may expand your limited grasp of the language and, perhaps, actually say something sentient and worthwhile. Or not. When you are a likely lad such as Tom, you're too busy listening to Barry White in a bubble bath. He claims to want a debate, but I have made it a point to refrain from engaging the mentally disturbed in a dialogue that may drive them over the edge. It is the humanitarian in me.

For you see, poor Tom is either suffering from dementia or has a multiple personality disorder. Back on September 13, 2010, Tom posted a rather odd apology to me Please Forgive Me Dark Elf that I took as sarcasm. It certainly reads like sarcasm, doesn't it? But on September 14, 2010 he suddenly made the bizarre claim that his blog was hacked by a "Uriah Heep roadie" and that he did not write the apology. Then with the indignance of the oblivious he proclaimed: "but rest assured I will use all my resources to find out" where that roadie was and whether Uriah Heep was still touring. Get a mirror, Tom, and then take your meds.

If that wasn't amusing enough (in a pathetic manner), he then repeated nearly the same rant on September 16, 2010 as he first did on August 29, 2010. Tom, save yourself some time: in between trips to the psychiatrist, just cut and paste. But make sure they let you use those dull, plastic kindergarten scissors so you don't hurt yourself.

He did make another strange comment:
So when I blogged about R&B and Disco artists that should be in there, he ran with it. Because his knowledge of music is so limited he doesn't know that there is a world outside of his preferred genres, Prog and "Rock". So, he's posted my name on Rock forums and called me out. But you know the old cliche about payback? It's a .....

Yes, I called you out, Tom. Barry White? Irene Cara (how come I'm not surprised you love the movie Flashdance -- 'what a feeling', eh Tom?), Chic, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder (again, that Flashdance connection)? If this were a coke-snorting session in the women's bathroom at Studio 54, I am sure all those names would apply. But there are musical genres outside rock-and-roll, Tom. There is classical, country, polka, flamenco, jazz, barbershop quartet and countless others. And, not surprisingly, each has contributed as an influence to rock: classical (ELP, Procol Harum), country (The Eagles), flamenco (Kiko Veneno), polka (Weird Al Yankovic), jazz (King Crimson), and even barbershop music (Peter Gabriel). But they are still separate genres. They aren't rock-and-roll.

So Tom, take your meds, get counselling and maybe, if your doctor sends a note, we can actually have a meaningful discussion.


Randy said...

This is becoming epic.

I have only one question -- you were a roadie for Uriah Heep? If so, I'm in awe!

Oh, one more question. What does this guy have against Elves? I hear they're very popular in Iceland.

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

I don't see what his big beef is with your opinions on the validity of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. I share your views on that, it's a joke and if this gentleman doesn't like people calling out the music industry on their idiotic choices, then, he can shut his eyes and not read your blog. We are all entitled to our opinion, aren't we? I would ignore him, he is obviously trying to get your attention by resorting to name calling. And what is with him calling you an elfn? What the heck is an elfn?

Edited to correct a typo. All other errors are due to sleep deprivation.